Croysdale's of Whitley Bridge
The Grange as it is now. 
The Grange rear.


   My interest in the Croysdale family starts in 1978 when I began working at the Jas Bowman's flourmill at Whitley Bridge formally the Croysdale Mill. This was just after the take over from when Dick Adderley who owned retired, and the mill was remodelled (updating of the milling process) by Bowmans.

   The original offices were situated in the mill, and sometime after I started it was decided to transfer the offices to the Grange so that they could be separate from the main mill.

   The Grange was the old Croysdale family home built next door to the mill. The house had not inhabited and a lot of clutter had accumulated inside.

   The Grange was "tidied up" before the contractors arrived to redecorate the premises. All the clutter was bagged up and either placed in the skip, or burned. Among this unwanted material was a photo which was given to me as I expressed an interest in it.

   The photo appeared to be that of a Croysdale family wedding and was taken at the front of the Grange. I kept it safe for all these years until I got an email from a descendant of John Croysdale who founded the mill in the 1800's. It was then that I retrieved this old forgotten photo from it's new found home.

   In the church at Kellington there is a collection of photos of past incumbents. One was the rev Edward Birkersteth Birks who was the vicar in the old photo. He was the vicar of Kellington between 1892-1914. So now I could date it within a few years. Now looking at the parish wedding register within these years there is only one Croysdale wedding. It was between Elizabeth Maynard Croysdale and Arthur Charles Adderley on 11th June 1903. Arthur Adderley was the father of Dick Adderley the last owner of Croysdale mill.

   Now I have hopefully an exact date of the photo, but only one name to put a face to.





The Alter Cross from Kellington Church
The Croysdale Monument in Kellington Churchyard. 


John Croysdale was born 1807 and founded what is now the Croysdale Mill at Whitley Bridge.
Two of John's son's, Thomas & Alfred ran the mill until in 1883 when the partnership was dissolved and Thomas took over the running of the mill and Alfred started a new mill at Hensall, a nearby village.
Thomas was married to Elizabeth Folds and they had six children. Then Elizabeth Maynard Croysdale (Thomas's daughter) married Arthur Charles Adderley and later took over the running of the mill. He passed on the mill to his son Richard Adderley. When Dick (Richard) Adderley retired in 1975 the mill was sold to Jas Bowman & son an independent milling company who were looking for a northern base for its Hitchin based company. They are still the owners of the original Croysdale Mill, which is still an independant flour mill.